Our brand is a product of traditional craftsmanship and classic Italian styles that are redesigned to fit the modern everyday lifestyle. Our products are Italian made, not just in the technical aspects but in inspiration as well.
We put our passion and pride in what we do, and that is a part of our identity as a company.

Made in Italy

Our jewellery are conceptualized and inspired by Italian elegance and grace, and we make sure our all products reflect the Made in Italy standards. We only use the highest quality materials and follow strict procedures in production – from how we treat our metals, to choosing the right type of leather and marine rope, to what colors to use for each component.


Our bracelets are well-thought out to fit the different lifestyles of modern individuals who want to make a lasting impression and as a form of self-expression. Our designs, materials and colors can be interchanged to give variety and flexibility to help create the perfect look for every occasion.