About us

Our passion for working with silver, our enthusiasm about craftsmanship and technique, our dedication to producing hand-made products using high-quality Tuscan raw materials, has allowed Sec of Florence to grow over the years and to be valued and appreciated by customers from all over the world

The idea of making silver bracelets was born out of a desire to spread the Made in Florence craftsmanship around the world. We have been working with a passion for tradition and beauty for over 30 years.

The inspiration behind our bracelets

The Fleur de Lis was our first bracelet. This symbol represents our culture: what we were, what we are and what we’ll be. If you’re born in Florence you know what we mean, but even if you are not, just spend a single hour in this city and you’ll understand.

The other designs blossomed like flowers in spring: Infinity, Queen of Hearts, Eternity Love and Heart are the fruit of our romantic side.

The salty closeness of the sea, inspired our nautical collection of bracelets: Anchor, Rudder, Sailor’s Node and Compass Rose represent eternal symbols of stability, fidelity and desire for to explore.

Spirituality, destiny, fortune encouraged us to produce talismans in which people could find themselves: Cross, Angel Wing, Hand of Fatima, Skull and Horseshoe.

We believe strongly in the values that our bracelets communicate: the Italian spirit and culture, a feelings of loyalty, belonging, and spirituality. That’s the reason why we have chosen to produce them, and that’s why people from all over the world are in love with our bracelets.

The materials

All our bracelets are made using the highest quality leather, which comes from local Tuscan tanneries, and waterproof marine cord.
All the materials we use are hypoallergenic and unalterable.
The metals are treated by immersion in 5 microns of gold, rose gold, silver and black silver. The average on the market is 2/3 microns.
Choose the material, model and color that most represent yourself to create your unique Sec Bracelet.
You can combine them in any way you like!

Our Story

Sec of Florence was born on June 20th 1990 in a small artisan workshop of 40 sqm in the heart of Florence, an historic neighborhood in the heart of Florence. After working together for years as apprentices in a renowned workshop, SEC founders, Massimo Spinelli, Paolo Ermini and Stefano Cherici (the name SEC comes from their initials), decided to start their first business by making silver picture frames. The company grew so quickly that the little shop soon moved to Borgo San Lorenzo, in the Florentine hills, and became a large manufacturing site, in order to cope with the demand for these high-quality hand-made products.