Would you like to become a Sec of Florence international retailer?

We have been working with silver and gold for more than two decades.

Since 2017 we have expanded our business by adding a new brand of exclusively-designed bracelets, alongside our traditional renowned Florentine products, available world-wide through our online shop.

Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive customer response, we have decided to make the Sec of Florence bracelets available offline throughout the world in selected stores.


When designing our bracelets, we focus on quality, emphasizing the Made in Italy or, more precisely, the Made in Florence craftsmanship.
It’s no coincidence that our motto is #FromFlorenceWithAmore: we put all our passion into selecting the finest raw materials for our products from the city of our birth, Florence.

It’s also not a coincidence, that the most important symbol in our collection is the Fleur the Lis, the symbol of Florence: which means you can always carry the magic of this unique city with you, where ever you go. Other symbols followed this, linked to a particular mood or a feeling: the heart and the infinity symbol, the seafaring knot and the anchor, the Hand of Fatima to name but a few. All the bracelets are completely customizable: you can choose silver, black silver, gold or rose gold finish as well as the color of the bracelet in leather or marine rope. All products are 100% hand-made in Italy with italian raw materials.

Would you like to offer your customers the chance to buy Sec Of Florence bracelets in your store?

To know more contact us at info@secofflorence.com