Dolce Vita

The collection that starts it all. 15 meaningful
designs in Silver, Black Silver, Gold, Rose Gold,
mixed with colorful leather or marine rope.


The flagship collection. 6 of our most iconic designs
in an exclusive edition.
925 Sterling silver and leather in selected colors.


The beaded bracelets collection.
Hundreds of 925 sterling silver and precious stones

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Discover our latest products:

Ego Murano Blend

A special collection of Ego bead bracelets,
enriched by a silver foil submerged
in true Murano glass gems.


Thin leather bracelets in 9 different colors
with 925 sterling silver details and a charm
of your choice included.


Thin chain bracelet made in 925 Sterling Silver.
Eight chain style variation and a charm
of your choice included.


Elegant mixes of cubes and globes,
made by gold, silver, rose gold,
and precious stones